• The  'Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel',   is a "4 Stars", situated to Syracuse center. The 112 rooms, have been projected and furnish for guaranteeing the comfort of the guests in the respect of an absolute privacy. 

    Hotel Siracusa Ortigia

  • The elegance of the comforting environments, the courtesy of the service, always impeccable, the safety of a professional assistance, they do the ideal place for business guests, that will find here a favorable environment to the planning and the management of their appointments, or for the families or Touristic and Religious Groups, that for the enviable strategic position exploiting in the center of the city of Syracuse, they can do the point of departure for the most famous destinations, that are a few steps from the hotel: Greel Theatre, Sanctuary of the Madonna of the tears, Ear of Dionysus, Arethusa Fountain, Papyrus Museum, Island of Ortigia etc.

  • Hotel Siracusa Ortigia

  • Syracuse,  offers an unique panorama to his visitors: the Baroque style of the monuments with the ancient classical stones; the charm of the uncontaminated sea to little distance from the rocks and from the rich Mediterranean vegetation. It's in Syracuse that the so many legends that impassion poets, tourists and writers of the whole world are born, is enought to think just some: Arethusa, Ciane & Anapus,  Archimedes, Saint Lucy, the Pilgrim etc.


Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel Siracusa


The myth of Arethusa, to which is inspired the 'Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel', is surely the most popular:

"The Nymph Arethusa, who was one of the followers of Diane, used to spend her days running free through the woods of the Peloponnese, hunting animals and gathering flowers. One day the young Alpheus fell madly in love with the splendid nymph but she did not return his feelings and asked her protector Diane, to help her flee from the insistent attentions of Alpheus, begging to be turned into a spring on the island of Ortigia, far away from Greece. Alpheus, driven by his crazy love for the nymph, asked the Gods for help and they turned him into a river which, having crossed Greece and under the Ionian Sea, flowed into the Grand Port of Siracusa, close to his beloved spring, lapping up to its precious fresh waters.  Still today the spring, still called the “Eye of Zillica,” flows through the waters of the Grand Port of Siracusa, close to the mythical spring with which it mixes its waters day after day". 


How to Find Us

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From North Syracuse:


Entering Scala Greca street (A) proceed along the avenue. To the first roundabout continue to stay in the avenue and to the second roundabout, turn to the left on Viale Teracati. Continue to follow the avenue till 'Corso Gelone' (B). The Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel, is on number 45 of this street.

Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel Siracusa

From South Syracuse:

From the Highway (Catania/Syracuse), continue till the exit 'South Siracusa', taking the SS124 on Viale Ermocrate (A)

Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel SiracusaTo the intersection, turn on the left and proceed on Paolo Orsi Avenue. On the first roundabout, turn on the right (Corso Gelone), and proceed till the number 45 where you will find the Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel (B)

Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel Siracusa


Hotell Siracusa Teatro Greco

XLIX Cicle of Classical Theatre Representation in Syracuse

06 Maj / 08 July 2017

Again this year renews the magic of classical  performances at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse, with three great shows:  I Sette contro Tebe (by Eschilo), La Fenicie (by Euripide)Le Rane (by Aristofane).


What to see, or to do with family, to Syracuse:  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

  • Papyrus Museum & Archaeological Park
  • Ortigia Island
  • Tropical Marine Aquarium
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Boat outing in the City Port & Ciane River
  • Greek Theatre
  • Ear of Dionysius
  • Arethusa Fountain & Chatedral
  • Roman Amphitheatre
  • Tomb of Archimedes
  • Madonna of tears Sanctuary


What to eat to Syracuse:


Syracuse offers the goodness of traditional Sicilian dishes that you can enjoy in the our  Restaurant 'The 5 Senses'. In the Spring and Summer time, to try in every Bar of city, a refreshing 'Granita' (served with various flawor to choose: Almond, Lemon, coffee etc.). For the confectionery local Product, offered by many artisanal shop in the city, we recommend to try all sweets in the form of past of almond:  (limonelli, pistacchiati, mandarinelli etc.), concluding with the most famous dessert 'Cannolo Siciliano' with chocolat or ricotta chees. Their aroma cannot be compared with any similar product in the rest of italy.



Sports & Free Time:


Syracuse offer the possibility to practise different sporting activities:

  • Rowing  (Tel. +39.0931.22800)
  • Cycling (on bicycle lane)
  • Golf  - (Tel. +39.0931.65075)
  • Equestrian - (Tel. +39.0931.21772)
  • Tennis - (Tel. +39.0931.757988)
  • Sailing - (Tel. +39.0931.24381)
  • Aviation - (Tel. +39.0931.721573)
  • Go-Kart track - (Tel. +39.0931.721573)
  •      Diving:
  • Pianeta Blu (+39.327.5325790)

  • Ognina Diving Center (347.3401740)

  • Capo Murro Diving C. (333.1324030)