For the refined pleasure of the FIRST BREAKFAST, the Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel in Syracuse, has the Exclusive Room Restaurant 'Giardinetto'. To disposition of Our Guests, a rich continental breakfast, with a great assortment of dessert, salty and express cafeteria:

Restaurant Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel Siracusa


Bar Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel Siracusa


To the Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel, You will find an Exclusive Bar, from the warm and elegant atmosphere, with great glass windows  that lean out on the main road.


Here you can try the amazing creations of our Barman's and find an ideal place for your Business Lunches, Cocktail with fruit of season and from the thousand colors, Coffee Break, Tea Time, Centrifuged, Appetizers & After Supper.



Restaurant Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel Siracusa
In the elegant "Giardinetto Restaurant", the Traditional and tipical Sicilian Dishes are served. Plus, there is  also a rich  menu of international  dishes. Worthy of mention are also  the irresistible homemade desserts and the well stocked wine cellar, with a  carefully selected wine list  of Etnean, Sicilian and Italian wines. The Restaurant can host up to 200 people.
Restaurant Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel Siracusa

Products quality, that is guarenteed by the Chef's continuous  research. It allows to our custumers to enjoy an elaborated and at same time  genuine and equilibrated cuisine. Our customers will be able to enjoy from excellent starters, to exclusive First Courses from mediterranean meals, to conclude with specialty of fish or meat, in an endless variety of gastronomic creations characteristic of the Sicilian cuisine.

Our Restaurant also offer Special Menus for Celiac Guests, and each food is strictly gluten-free, besides available meals  for  infants & Children.

Restaurant Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel Siracusa

Example Menu


  • * Cocktail Shrimps

  • * Dish of thin Slices of Raw with limoncello

  • * Smoked Meat with  herbs

  • * Salmone with apple and lemon

  • * Italian Starters

    * Raw Ham with Melon

    * Dried salt Beef with cow's milk cheese rughetta cheese, oil and lemon

    * Bean or Lentil Soup



    * Flat Spaghetti 'Tarantina'

    * Crab-filled Macaroni

    * Mediterranean Pasta

    * Risotto with Seafood

    * Fresh Pasta with Aubergine

    * Pasta with Pesto sauce

    * Potato Dumplings 'Sorrentina'

    * Risotto with Parmesan

    * Ravioli of Lean Met with Broth



    * Fried Squid Rings

    * White Sea Bass with Pachino Tomatoes

    * Filets of  Gilthead with almonds

    * Mixed Grilled Fish

    * Pork with fortified wine

    * Supreme Chicken With a taste of Mushrooms

    * Premium cut of Beef Steaks

    * Grilled Meat in Slask

    * Fillet of Beef with green pepper

    * Fries Noicette Potatos

    * Steak House Fries Potatos

    * Mixed Salads



    * Ice Cream with Almonds

    * Sicilian Cream Horns (Cannoli)

    * Pineapple Piece

    Sliced Fruit Fantasy

    * Sicilian Cassata (Ricotta & Chocolate)