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      Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel in Syracuse and Jolly Palace Hotel at the

Straits of Messina    

We are looking for Sales Agents, Representatives, within the Hotel Tourism sector In all the main Italian and European Cities.


* We are looking for proven experience in promotion/sales, a deep knowledge of the hotel sector and motivation. Candidates can also work for more than one company (as long as not in competion)


*  We are offering work in the Promotion and Sales of tourist package holidays in Syracuse and Messina



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Are you the person we are looking for??

Answer these questions:


Are you a man or a woman? The positon is open to everyone.
Are you already an agent or in sales? We are looking for sales professionals

Do you regularly use hotels, tourist residences and structures in your area?
 The person we are looking for has a constant presence in their area.

Have you been working in the sector for serveral years, are you well Known? We would like to have a long term relationship with expert sellers.  Are you good at finding out important news in your market and clients?

Do you continue to grow your client portfolio?  Do you constantly look for new clients?

We wold like to work with people who want to grow, and always obtain the best results

Are you organized? Costant? Meticulous?  Success in sales is determined by organization

Are you familiar and able to use the internet and email? We are looking for flexible salesmen/women who are comfortable using computers, tablets and smart phones


Have you answered yes to all the questions?

You’ve answered NO to just one question, then this proposal is not for you.

NB: the position is reserved to people who have the necessary skills to do it.